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On 28/11/2012 8:21 AM, Steven Grunza wrote:
>> The FAQs for the RaspberryPI include the following:
>> What hardware documentation will be available?
>> Broadcom don't release a full datasheet for the BCM2835, which is the chip at the heart of the Raspberry Pi. We will release a datasheet for the SoC which will cover the hardware exposed on the Raspi board e.g. the GPIOs. We will also release a board schematic later on.
>> But I want documentation for <hardware X>!
>> Other documentation may be released in future but this will be at the Foundation's discretion.
>> But I demand the documentation for the chip. Give it to me!
>> To get the full SoC documentation you would need to sign an NDA with Broadcom, who make the chip and sell it to us. But you would also need to provide a business model and estimate of how many chips you are going to sell.
>> What operating system (OS) does it use?
>> We recommend Debian as our default distribution. It's straightforward to replace the root partition on the SD card with another ARM Linux distro if you want to use something else (there are several available on our downloads page). The OS is stored on the SD card.
>> My $0.02 USD:
>> 	It's an ARM11-based device but getting the details required to port RTEMS may not be easy.  You might need to reverse engineer from the Debian distro provided.
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I had a look here and it says that source code is available

    The kernel source should be downloaded from the RPI linux section on
    GitHub <https://github.com/raspberrypi/linux>. Although you could
    just compile the vanilla kernel from Kernel.org
    <http://www.kernel.org/>, it will not have the necessary drivers and
    modules for the Broadcom SoC on the RPi. You can however apply
    patches from the vanilla kernel to the RPi one - be prepared for
    potential compiler grumbles though!

That indicates to me that the first link does include the driver source 
and the vanilla one does not

For me, a $25 board that could run RTEMS would be fantastic.
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