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Hill, Jeff johill at
Tue Oct 2 14:38:03 UTC 2012


Maybe someone will have a quick answer for an RTEMS build system mystery 
that I currently don't understand. I have had to make this change in
c/src/make/compilers/gcc-target-default.cfg but I don't understand
why others do not experience the same issue?


    $(OBJS) \
    $(PROJECT_RELEASE)/lib/librtemsbsp$(LIBSUFFIX_VA) \


    $(OBJS) \
    $(PROJECT_RELEASE)/lib/librtemsbsp$(LIBSUFFIX_VA) \

If I don't make this change then application codes like the 
netdemo will not build with the original RTEMS build system.

This is probably self inflicted, and no-doubt has something 
to do with install path for libcpu. I see this issue in all 
versions of RTEMS, with the Nios2 BSP.


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