RTEMS.info IP Change Complete

Ralf Corsepius ralf.corsepius at rtems.org
Wed Oct 10 07:14:44 UTC 2012

On 10/10/2012 01:57 AM, Joel Sherrill wrote:
> Hi
> It looks like all is OK now. It may take a while for the new DNS entry
> to propagate but it looks OK from OAR.

Yes. things still don't seem to have settled. I am still observing bogus 
DNS resolution results on some systems, I checked.

Some DNSes still are still returning the 2 IP-addresses.
When they are returning the "old IP" first, clients fail.
When they are returning "new IP" first, clients succeed:

- My local DNS returned "2 IPs/old IP first" => clients failed.
After resetting DNS, my DNS returns "new IP only" and clients started to 
work again.

- On 2 external sites, I checked,
the first one was returning "new IP only",
the second one was returning "2 IPs/old IP first", clients failed to 
access rtems.info.

But ...

- OAR's internal DNS currently seems to alternate between "2 IPs/new IP 
first" and "2 IPs/old IP first". This means, clients trying to access 
rtems.info from inside of rtems.org (such as the mirror-check script) 
will fail sporadically.

- There still is no reverse DNS?

> Ralf.. issue inside OAR was resolved this morning.

C.f. above. It is not resolved. You likely need to 
reset/reboot/reload/flush your DNS.

ATM, I have re-enabled rtems.info, but ... I will likely re-disable it 
again, because of OAR's DNS behavior, which causes the mirrorlist 
checker to switch on and off rtems.info inside of the mirrorlists.


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