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Fri Oct 12 18:26:17 UTC 2012

On 10/12/2012 12:29 PM, Andrei Chichak wrote:
> Not wanting to start a germanic/aussie flame war (PLEASE), but…
> I'm starting on a new project and previously have used the MSYS environment to develop my code. A while back Ralf had mentioned that the installation/rebuild goes a lot faster if you are running Linux instead of MSYS. Since I would be running MSYS under windows under Fusion on a Mac, this makes a lot of sense. I tried getting the tools running on the Mac once, it worked until the next version came around and I was left behind and everything broke.
> Question: what is the most favoured current development environment operating system? CentOS? Fedora 17?
It depends. :)

(A) If you prefer getting the tools in binary form and the upgrade
facility integrated with the OS, then an RPM based GNU/Linux distribution
is a good choice. Assuming you want to use an RPM based GNU/Linux
distribution. :)

(B) If you want control over the source and know that you can build
everything yourself, then it really doesn't matter what host
you are on. Linux, MacOS, and FreeBSD are all fine hosts. The
downside here is tracking when a patch or tool version update
would impact you.

Option B is great if you want complete configuration control
or want to use an OS not on the list with binaries provided.
On a release branch the tool spins are not that frequent. But on
the development head, they are more frequent and you would
need to track commits to the tool packaging repository to see
when you need to rebuild. Unfortunately, there is nothing in
place that says "the tool rev'ed and if you are building from
source on targets X, Y, and Z, you are impacted."

Option A eases your effort expended on updates but
reduces your configuration control.  If tracking the development
head and not focusing on locking down a project's environment
long-term for configuration management, then this is a good

It really depends on what trade offs you are willing to make.

Personally, I am on a path of least resistance at the moment.
I am on Centos 6.x so I don't have Fedora churn impacting me.
I use the RPMs for my primary tools. I build alternative toolsets
for testing, patches, and "future proofing"

If I were on a project that was freezing and focusing on
long-term configuration management, I would build the
tools from source.  But then I probably wouldn't be tracking
the development head either. :)
> Thanks,
> Andrei
> (0C and rain today, wooop)
It is 17C here and raining.  We have had 19.33 mm
of rain so far today.
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