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Wed Sep 12 15:16:13 UTC 2012

Hello All.

I am unable to boot RTEMS 10.2 elf examples with u-boot for Phycore LPC 3250 

I followed this procedure:
	1. load and execute u-boot binary in ram from address 0x83fc0000
	2. load RTEMS10.2 hello.exe example into ram at address 0x81000000 
      3. then I tried to boot it using bootelf command 

After this u-boot got stuck. Here is the last message produced.

	Loading  .start @ 0x80000000 (1120 bytes) 
	Clearing .vector  @ 0x80000000 (5952 bytes) 
	Loading .text  @ 0x80000460 (68576 bytes)
	Loading .rodata  @ 0x80011040 (6208 bytes)
	Clearing .robarrier  @ 0x800012880 (972672 bytes)
	Loading .data  @ 0x80100000 (2016 bytes)
	Clearing .bss  @ 0x801007e0 (5504 bytes)
	Clearing .work  @ 0x80101d60( 66036384 bytes)

I tried both u-boot 1.3.3 and u-boot 2009.3 and got the same results.
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