Instructions for building and running RTEMS on the Raspberry Pi

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Sat Apr 6 13:56:39 UTC 2013

On 4/6/2013 4:07 AM, Pierre Ficheux wrote:
> Great work Alan :)
> I have ACT led blinking (GPIO #16) on the RPi :) I will add a GPIO driver if not already done.
Very cool!

I have a git module that is a work in process for analog and discrete I/O
support. It has a single method way of providing the device interface.
Layered on top of that are standard methods for the application and
some really handy shell commands for driving outputs and reading inputs.

There is support for two PC-104 multi-IO boards now.

The API is currently minimal. I know OAR has another older library
called "HW API" which also provides the ability to have a task in the 
polling at a fixed rate and all I/O is updated at that rate. It also had 
helpers like "relay" which abstracted "open" and "close" into the bit 

I would love to see this code get feedback and grow into something the
Community wants to use. It would give us a standard API at the application
level for the discrete i/O and analog I/O portions of the stuff we 
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>> Objet: Instructions for building and running RTEMS on the Raspberry Pi
>> Hi,
>> I wanted to post an announcement over on the forums
>> about the RTEMS BSP that is in the git head.
>> Since it take a little bit of work to get an RTEMS development
>> environment up and running, I thought I would put together a short
>> introduction to RTEMS and a set of instructions on getting an RTEMS
>> environment working for the Raspberry Pi BSP.
>> The instructions are centered around Ubuntu 12.10 using the RTEMS
>> Source builder tool, but I have also put up an entry on how to setup
>> the compiler on Windows 7.
>> I have an RTEMS 4.11 development environment working on Ubuntu 12.10
>> with the source builder toolchain, on CentOS 6.4 with the RTEMS
>> toolchain RPMs, and on Windows 7 with the RTEMS Mingw-w64 tools.
>> The instructions are hosted here:
>> Alan
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