Delay setting RTEMS clock with TOD_Set.

Rafael Morales rmorales at
Wed Apr 10 10:00:25 UTC 2013

Dear all,

We are using a development system based on Leon3 at 25MHz clock and 
RTEMS 4.10 (Gaisler version

We are experiencing a big delay setting the clock time with TOD. The 
sequence is:

      struct timespec startTimeStamp;

     _TOD_Set( newtime );

     struct timespec stopTimeStamp;

If we get the new time after the _TOD_Set, we see that current time as 
about 1-5 milliseconds late. We have try to delete the 
_Thread_Disable_dispatch and _Thread_Enable_dispatch with no results. It 
seems that the call _TOD_Set is the responsible of the delay

Any idea about how to manage this situation?

Thanks in advance.

> Hi,
> here is the proof for the patched hello world on the sis target and 
> the patch generated by git. I hope it's okay.
> I also got a first draft of the proposal, so the question is: Who 
> wants to read it?
> Regards,
> Philipp
> screenshot:
> patch:
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