Debugging basic BSP tasking functionality

Sebastian Huber sebastian.huber at
Tue Apr 16 12:04:07 UTC 2013

Hello Matthew,

On 04/16/2013 01:34 PM, Matthew J Fletcher wrote:
> Hi,
> It looks like i've got some pretty lowlevel problems with the rtl22xx_t BSP on
> my hardware, could i ask for some hints on how best to investigate. I am of
> course presuming this BSP is production ready, it might be rotten, does anyone
> know ?

the status of this BSP is unkown.  Maybe you can use one of the lpc24xx based BSPs.

> I have two symptoms.
> 1) RTEMS calls like rtems_task_wake_after() cause a return from a thread,
> despite being wrapped in forever loops.
> 2) When using CONFIGURE_STACK_CHECKER_ENABLED having threads other than the
> Init() and rtems_idle() threads cause the 'IDLE' thread's stack to be reported
> as blown.
> Now i run through boot_card() fine, task switch into the Init task, so a task
> switch has occurred once ok.
> An example stack blow.
> task control block: 0x814C9BBC
> task ID: 0x09010001
> task name: 0x49444C45
> task name string: IDLE
> task stack area (4100 Bytes): 0x814D074C .. 0x814D1750
> But my IDLE task is just a forever loop, so it seems unlikely.

Maybe this is a problem with the interrupt stack.  Is the interrupt stack set 
up correctly?

You can set a hardware write break point in the stack pattern area.

> See the example code following;

I see nothing suspicious in the example.

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