Effect of additionnal save/restore instructions

Leonard Bise leonard.bise at syderal.ch
Tue Apr 30 06:17:16 UTC 2013

Thank you for the explanation.
I finally found out about the ABI of the SPARC v8 and some explanation here
: http://www.sics.se/~psm/sparcstack.html

It says clearly that the local register are "assumed by caller to be
preserved across a procedure call", which would imply that I cannot modify
it like this without turning the window. And then it makes sense that the
output or global register can be safely used.

Before we were happily breaching the ABI! Shame on us.

Another small question, Gedare posted an example using the o0 register and
adding it in the clobber list. However when trying to compile there is an
error. Seem like I cannot have only a clobbered register without at least
one input or output, is this as expected or should I be able to add only a
clobber list?
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