Leon2 application under Qemu

Bornet Romain romain.bornet at heig-vd.ch
Fri Aug 23 07:33:44 UTC 2013

Hi again...

Another post for another issue...

Did someone manage to run a PROM image under qemu for leon2 ? I tried to generate one for my application but qemu is unable to start it.

I'm generating my PROM image with
$ mkprom2 -msoft-float -v -leon2 -freq 50 -rmw -ramsize 8192 demo-app

And starting it under qemu with:
$ qemu-system-sparc -M at697 -bios ./prom.out  -nographic

I just get an error and abort from Qemu:

Bad ram pointer 0x118

Note that starting the same application (ELF) directly in RAM with 
$ qemu-system-sparc -M at697 -kernel demo-app -nographic

works correctly except the timer/clock which is not configured correctly but this is handled in another thread in the mailing-list.

Thanks for any hint and greetings from Switzerland,

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