STM32F4 discovery loading issue.

Karel Gardas karel.gardas at
Wed Aug 28 17:53:09 UTC 2013


I'm trying to use STM32F4 discovery board to run some RTEMS programs, 
actually starting with hello.exe but I've found that neither using 
OpenOCD 0.7.0 on Windows nor using stlink (HEAD) I've been able to load 
the program on the board. Stlink was a little bit clearer here and I've 
found that if I change flash address from 0x0 to 0x08000000 my program 
loads successfully.

My question then is: if STM32F4 BSP is tested, then how to switch my 
STM32F4 discovery board to be able to use RTEMS's tests/samples on it as 
it was done on reference/developer platform?


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