SDHC driver of RTEMS

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  I've been working on such a driver and should have something ready for consideration by the RTEMS community soon.


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Subject: SDHC driver of RTEMS

Hi all,
I want to use SDHC SD card on my MPC8309SOM board.
RTEMS not include the SDHC driver, so I try to port the SDHC driver from u-boot code, but it seem to have too many problems.
When I set CONFIGURE_BDBUF_MAX_READ_AHEAD_BLOCKS >1, the driver can't work well.
The BRDA task looks like be blocked after read the number of CONFIGURE_BDBUF_BUFFER_MAX_SIZE blocks, and some seconds later, the fread function return error.
The fwrite function often failed.
I searched the web and know that P1020 also has SDHC,

Anyone can give me some help for the SDHC driver? Very thanks to you.

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