libi2c: Claiming driver slot failed

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Mon Aug 5 04:16:27 UTC 2013

Hi Nick,
  rtems_io_register_driver return 5 means RTEMS_TOO_MANY, no major number available.  
  Do you change CONFIGURE_MAXIMUM_DRIVERS to a suitable value?

Thanks & Best regards,
Rui Zhengxin

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主题: libi2c: Claiming driver slot failed

Hi guys,

When I boot an MVME3100 (PowerPC) off the ticker sample application, I get an error message "libi2c: Claiming driver slot failed (rtems status code 5)".

Complete boot log:

MVME3100> tftpGet -c150.203.19.231 -s150.203.19.211 -fticker.ralf
Network Loading from: /dev/enet0
Loading File: ticker.ralf
Load Address: 014D3000
Download Buffer Size = 00200000

Client IP Address      =
Server IP Address      =
Gateway IP Address     =
Subnet IP Address Mask =

Network File Load in Progress...

Bytes Received =&248432, Bytes Loaded =&248432
Bytes/Second   =&248432, Elapsed Time =1 Second(s)
MVME3100> go
Welcome to rtems- (no FPU)/mvme3100)
BSP: mvme3100, CVS Release ($Name$)
CPU 0x8020 - rev 0x20
Additionnal boot options are H
Initial system stack at 3FD88
Software IRQ stack starts at 3FE70 with size 16384 Going to start PCI buses scanning and initialization Board Type: MVME3100-1152 (S/N E01230A)
External (=PCI Bus) Clock Freq   :   66666666 Hz
Core Complex Bus (CCB) Clock Freq:  333333330 Hz
CPU Clock Freq:                     133333332 Hz
Ethernet 0                  00:01:AF:30:54:3D
Ethernet 1                  00:01:AF:30:54:3E
Ethernet 2                  00:01:AF:30:54:3F
Number of PCI buses found is : 2
  0:0x00:0    0x1057-0x0008:  0x0006 0x20B0 0x80000000 0x00000000       0 ->   0 (=0x00)
  0:0x11:0    0x10E3-0x0148:  0x0146 0x02B0 0x80100004 0x00000000       1 ->   0 (=0x00)
  0:0x12:0    0x10B5-0x6520:  0x0147 0x02B0 0x00000000 0x00000000       0 ->   0 (=0x00)
  0:0x14:0    0x8086-0x3200:  0x0145 0x02B0 0x00011001 0x00012001       1 ->   2 (=0x02)
Memory:                             268435456 bytes
Cleared PCI errors: pci_stat was 0x20B0
OpenPIC Version 1.2 (1 CPUs and 56 IRQ sources) at 0xE1040000 OpenPIC Vendor 0 (Unknown), Device 0 (Unknown), Stepping 0 OpenPIC timer frequency is 41666666 Hz MSR is 0x00001000, TCR 0x04000000
Exit from bspstart
Tundra Tsi148 PCI-VME bridge detected at 0x80100000, IRQ 0
Tsi148 Outbound Ports:
Port  VME-Addr   Size       PCI-Adrs   Mode:
0:    0x20000000 0x0E000000 0xC0000000 A32, SUP, D32, SCT
1:    0x00000000 0x00FF0000 0xCF000000 A24, SUP, D32, SCT
2:    0x00000000 0x00010000 0xCFFF0000 A16, SUP, D32, SCT
7:    0x00000000 0x01000000 0xCE000000 CSR, SUP, D32, SCT
Tsi148 Inbound Ports:
Port  VME-Addr   Size       PCI-Adrs   Mode:
0:    0xC0000000 0x10000000 0x00000000 A32, PGM, DAT, SUP, USR, MBLT, BLT
vmeTsi148 IRQ manager: looking for registers on VME...
Trying to find CSR on VME...
vmeTsi148 - IRQ manager using VME CSR to flush FIFO
libi2c: Claiming driver slot failed (rtems status code 5) Initializing I2C library failed Registering /dev/console as minor 0 (==/dev/ttyS0)


Anyone have any ideas or suggestions on how to resolve this?
Nick Withers

Embedded Systems Programmer
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