libi2c: Claiming driver slot failed

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Fri Aug 9 13:51:08 UTC 2013

It sounds like that wouldn't fundamentally affect the application / BSP divide though, right?

In this case, for instance, I believe libi2c's loaded dynamically (and hence there's no entry in the static driver table), but that that's really an implementation detail of the BSP and shouldn't really be visible to the app developer. Or perhaps in this case there should be a CONFIGURE_APPLICATION_I2C_DRIVER that could lead to a static driver table entry?
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Joel Sherrill <Joel.Sherrill at> wrote:

>I have a pending patch that replace CONFIGURE_MAXIMUM_DRIVERS with CONFIGURE_MAXIMUM_DYNAMIC_DRIVERS. The key idea is that the number of static drivers is the size of the driver table which can be computed. We just need extra slots for dynamic use. This should make it more directly tied to application requirements.
>Chris Johns <chrisj at> wrote:
>Nick Withers wrote:
>> On Mon, 2013-08-05 at 14:02 +1000, Nick Withers wrote:
>>> Hi guys,
>>> When I boot an MVME3100 (PowerPC) off the ticker sample application, I
>>> get an error message "libi2c: Claiming driver slot failed (rtems status
>>> code 5)".
>> (snip)
>> I got past this by #defining CONFIGURE_MAXIMUM_DRIVERS up to 10.
>> Is this something that I should have to do? Would've thought the BSP
>> code'd handle this...?
>The BSP may require a number of driver slots while the actual number
>used depends on your application and the drivers it uses. It is useful
>on targets where the memory size is small.
>Currently there is no way for the BSP to provide a number for the table
>so the application needs to size things to get it running. If you have
>ideas on how this could be done we would welcome it.
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