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Was this the common pitfall of not having RTS tied to CTS or something else?

If it is something someone else could easily hit, we want to warn them.

Also if the Eclipse plugin could have figured out what you got wrong and flagged you, that is a good thing to know for a future enhancement.

Open source improves as each makes the path easier for those who follow them. :)


williamssimonp at gmail.com wrote:

Don’t worry, it was a problem with the serial terminal.  I can confirm myself the RKI runs on a Model A board!

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Just a quickie, I am having problems getting RKI to run.  I don’t think that this is actually a problem with RKI as I have built it from the unchanged git repository in case there was a problem with my build mechanism in Eclipse and it behaves in the same way.  I am not getting anything on the terminal.  I think that the problem is probably with the serial terminal setup, but I just wondered if anyone could rule out for me that it is an issue with the Model A board?  I don’t think it can be memory as the linker script only defines 128Mb of RAM anyway.  The lack of networking hardware should not be an issue as networking is disabled by default in RKI, but it would be helpful I anyone could tell me that they have run RKI on a Model A!

I am using a Model A as the lower weight and power consumption make it a better choice than the Model B for installation on a model aircraft!

Probably more usefully, could anyone advise me on debugging a serial terminal connection to the Pi?  I haven’t had to set up a serial terminal since about 1990!

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Well, the Eclipse plugin does work!  It took a bit of messing around, but ended up being quite simple, it was down to mis-specifying the msys location.  Persuading it to build the ram disk binary image was a bit of a challenge, but we got there.  At the moment I am assuming it’s going to work.  We’ll find out tomorrow, assuming I can find the UART to USB cable I bought six months ago!

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From: Alan Cudmore
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I can get my RKI project to build on windows ( from a command prompt , without a mingw or cygwin shell )
If you can build it in a command prompt, it should build in eclipse.
For my windows setup, I have the following lines in the makefile:
## Windows paths

Your project sounds neat, I would love to find out more about your avionics board. Let me know if you make any progress with the I2C on the Raspberry Pi, I was going to tackle that when I get some free time.


On 8/9/2013 4:08 AM, williamssimonp at gmail.com<mailto:williamssimonp at gmail.com> wrote:
Thanks for that Chris, using this build set gave me working a compiler.  I hadn't been able to get RTEMS source Builder to work on Windows, but I didn’t try very hard as your build set removed the need.  I built the Raspberry Pi BSP and all appears to be well.

I am trying to get RKI to build, but this is early days.  I eventually need to use C++ and I like to use the Eclipse IDE and so I have imported the source into Eclipse with a view to getting the original C code to work, prior to porting it to C++ as a base for my project.  I am getting undefined references in the link, but I can sort this out, I just need to find which libraries are missing.

The project I am working on is for a Raspberry Pi based autopilot.  I have designed an avionics board containing the sensors.  This board will interface to the Pi using I2C.  I had made a small and insignificant start to writing the autopilot code, but it was a huge job!  Linux is not suitable for this kind of application and so I was going to use my own microkernel.  Doing this is insanely complicated however.  Using RTEMS will save me a huge amount of time as I can concentrate on writing an autopilot and leave the details of memory management, scheduling, etc. to a proven RTOS.  Once the autopilot code is in a suitable form, I will be making it, along with the avionics design, available under GPL.  Any RTEMS device drivers that I write for the generic Pi peripherals, I will make available as soon as I am happy they work so that they can be considered for inclusion in the BSP.

Please don’t expect miracles.  Although I have a lot of experience with low level programming, most of it was a while ago (early 90’s) and I have not used RTEMS before.  Also, this is very much a hobby and I do have a life!

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Sebastian Huber wrote:
> you can use the RTEMS Source Builder (RSB) for this:
> http://wiki.rtems.org/wiki/index.php/RTEMS_Source_Builder
> I normally build the MinGW tools on Linux.

I just built a new ARM compiler for MinGW using the RSB on FreeBSD using ...

../source-builder/sb-set-builder --host=mingw32 --trace --log=log_arm
--prefix=/opt/rtems/4.11 --no-install --bset-tar-file 4.11/rtems-arm

You can find the tar file with the binaries at ...


I will add more architectures as they become available. These tools
contain all required patches and should work on RTEMS 4.11 master.

Using autoconf and automake in MSYS may require 'mount c:/opt/rtems/4.11
/opt/rtems/4.11" where "c:/opt/rtems/4.11" is the path to where you
unpacked the tar file. The tool such as arm-rtems4.11-as,
arm-rtems4.11-gcc should be relocatable.

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