Can not list dir, MinGW compiler issue?

ruizx ruizx at
Wed Aug 21 01:53:20 UTC 2013

On Tuesday, August 20, 2013 6:01 PM Sebastian Huber wrote:

> Both compilers don't support the UTF-8 converters via iconv().  It
> should look 
But as I said, when use Centos rtems-gcc to compile application, this issue not appear.
I tried two platforms, QEMU-i386 and  MPC8309SOM target board, there the same result, MinGW not OK, Centos OK.

Is this caused by difference gcc configuration betweent Centos and MinGW?
Using MinGW compiler to compile BSP is very very slow and can throw some errors while using Centos compiler is fast and no error.

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