Fail to build hello.exe sample on NetBSD for BSP MIPS jmr3904.

Ivan Temp ivan.temp at
Tue Aug 27 09:09:36 UTC 2013

Wow! a lot of stuff here.
 I do not even know what RSB is, could you please point me to that? I
thought a cross compiler built from NB would work but after read some
documents I decided to follow RTEMS instructions to build. It looks to me a
"standard" MIPS cross compiler, but anyway, I think is done.

 I want to work with Posix API, so I do not really care much about classic
API but in RTEMS "Getting Started" document is set for classic API so that
is what I followed.

 I did not find much info (in fact nothing) about build RTEMS toolsuit
under NetBSD (that does not necessary mean that it does not exist)
 I had a very bad time trying to set up the tools, but I realized that
everything is well documented, the problem was my lack of knowledge.

 I am looking forward to be able to build my first "hello" and make it run
on gdb.

 I want to apologize in advance because I guess I will ask a lot.


2013/8/27 Chris Johns <chrisj at>

> Ivan Temp wrote:
>> Hi,
>> thanks for your reply.
>> Actually I am writing a simple text with my experience, just in case
>> could help to build RTEMS on NetBSD. I am trying a couple of fresh
>> install of NetBSD versions right to test whether it works with several
>> options. Everything is embryonic now.
> Did you look at the RSB on NetBSD ?
>    Anyway I used this to build gcc:
>> cd ../gcc-4.8.1
>> ln -s ../newlib-2.0.0/newlib .
>> cd ../b-gcc
>> ../gcc-4.8.1/configure \
>> --target=${TARGET} \
>> --with-gnu-as --with-newlib \
>> --verbose \
>> --enable-threads \
>> --enable-languages="c,c++" \
>> --prefix=/usr/rtems/rtems-4.11 \
>> --with-gmp=/usr/pkg \
>> --with-mpfr=/usr/pkg \
>> --with-mpc=/usr/pkg \
>>   I needed to set LD_LIBRARY_PATH to /usr/pkg where gmp, mpfr and
>> mpcomplex were installed using pkgin. and added
>> /usr/rtems/rtems-4.11/bin to PATH.
>>   I also installed "isl" but I do not know if is really needed, I have
>> to check a bit more.
>>   Because I did not use /opt directory I have to set also
>> --prefix=/usr/rtems/rtems-4.11 to the rtems build, I have seen some
>> default configurations that point directly to /opt.
> You can also use /usr/local/rtems/4.11.
>    This is the command I used for RTEMS build with no success:
>> VirtualNetBSD# ../../rtems/configure --target=$TARGET
>> --enable-rtemsbsp=jmr3904 \
>> --enable-tests=samples --disable-posix \
>> --prefix=/usr/rtems/rtems-4.11
>>   Then I enabled posix following Chris recommendation (thanks) and at
>> least now compiles. I am ok setting posix but, do not you think it
>> should work with posix disable?
> It depends on the patches you use to build gcc. I have a recent patch that
> switches gcc from the RTEMS thread model to POSIX. The RTEMS thread model
> is broken with SMP and requires lots of work to make it SMP safe and what
> is saves you over the POSIX interface will be questionable. The POSIX
> support in GCC need only minor changes to work.
> The background is POSIX was consider a extra overhead in terms of code
> size and memory footprint if all you needed was the classic API. This is
> still true because an extra piece of memory is allocated in each TCB with
> POSIX enabled. In terms of code size the overhead is becoming less as time
> goes on because the classic API needs functionality that POSIX has. The
> plan is to move code in the POSIX API to the score so it can be used by
> both APIs. The move to SMP is the reason. The classic API does not have a
> condition variable and the libblock cache needs this because the current
> code is broken with SMP. The classic API's task variable API should be
> depreciated and removed from RTEMS as it is not SMP safe and replaced with
> something like the POSIX keys.
>     I am going to test gdb now, I will let you know.
>>   By the way, I am not an expert at all but want to learn.
> Excellent and welcome.
> Chris
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