Getting started with RTEMS and Ubuntu

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Wed Feb 6 14:48:00 UTC 2013

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> Hi, I'm a newbie who encountered this problem as well a few weeks
> ago.
> > There seem to be files located at
> >
> > that might work for installing tools for my new Quantal x86_64
> > development machine.
> The packages on that list don't install, because certain essential
> packages are missing from that list (the "common" packages), so
> don't bother
> > There is also the wiki page at
> > that gives
> the
> > instructions for using RedHat RPM's and the alien package to
> create
> > .DEB packages from the .RPM packages.
> That's what  I did. I used the latest fedora's packages, because
> they seem to be uploaded very recently and I wanted something up to
> date. After using alien on them and installing them as the guide
> says, it's been working fine without any issues at all and I was
> able to build RTEMS with it. So I'd go for that.

I'm heading down the Fedora/alien path also.  I really don't want to
spend time/effort on building/verifying tools - Been there, done that,
Don't want to do that again.

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