Problems in boot_card() with configuration

Chris Johns chrisj at
Sat Feb 16 00:34:37 UTC 2013

Joel Sherrill wrote:
> We can do that or use something like shared/bspinit.c and have an Init task which  calls main() plus sets unified work areas and unlimited. With clock tick and console drivers. main() arguments come via bsp command line support.

I think this is a separate issue. We need a way the user gets a clear 
indication there is a configuration issue and that needs to be in the 
cpukit code and not in BSP boot or init code.

We can add this to bspinit.c how-ever I think your idea of bsp command 
line handling needs to also be added so the user can change default 
settings. My concern is bspinit.c is about making the entry point 'main' 
rather than 'Init' and I would not like to lose the simplicity of this. 
Having said this bspinit.c already has the networking stack init hack so 
adding command line parsing is not big change. I am not sure about the 
drivers that may be too much of a change.


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