Integrating RTEMS with ARM Cortex R4

Pritesh Gudge gudge at
Fri Jan 25 22:31:12 UTC 2013

I am new to RTEMS. I am using an ARM Cortex R4 CPU which is based on ARMv7,
This is the wiki page which says that Cortex R4 CPUs are supported.
I am currently using Texas Instruments Hercules Development Kit which has
ARM Cortex R4 CPU along with 256 KB SRAM
and 3MB Flash Memory. It also has 8MB SDRAM. I want to use RTEMS as it is
excellent for Experimental Physics and Industrial Control System But I did not find any relevant
documentation which explains the configuration procedure for ARMv7.
Could anyone kindly guide me with the relevant procedure and specifics I
must apply to get RTEMS running on the given Embedded Microcontroller.


Pritesh Gudge
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IRI-Goethe University
Frankfurt am Main
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