RTEMS driver development questions

David Paterson dnpaterson at gmail.com
Tue Jul 2 16:31:50 UTC 2013

Hi all,

I have a couple of questions about strategies for developing RTEMS drivers,
which I hope I can get a few hints about.

Firstly, for a PCI driver, is the best approach to use the driver manager
layer, or to write it as a basic driver?  It looks like the driver manager
would be a simpler way to go, as it provides more facilities, but it's not
clear if it's a standard RTEMS feature, or only available on LEON-based
systems.  (I'm actually working on a LEON-based board at the moment, but we
would like the drivers to be useable on other platforms in the future.)

Secondly, I'm a bit unsure about handling of multiple devices (and
hot-pluggable devices).  It looks like the driver manager would call my
init1 & init2 functions for each device it found with matching vendor &
device ID's, but how does this get handled in the basic
(non-driver-manager) approach?  Is it up to my initialisation function to
scan for my devices?  For hot-pluggable, e.g. USB, devices, the situation
looks even more confusing...

Anyway, any advice on driver development, especially PCI handling, would be
greatly appreciated.


David P.
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