Getting the execution state of a task

Mohammed Khoory mkhoory at
Fri Jul 5 01:44:14 UTC 2013

I actually found another method to doing this, although it's somewhat
awkward and ugly, and I haven't tested if it actually works yet. 

It involves the use of rtems_iterate_over_all_threads to run a function that
simply copies the needed data to a static variable, which other functions in
the application code can then read from. 

The manual says that rtems_iterate_over_all_threads shouldn't be used in
production code and is only meant for diagnostics.. but that's actually what
I need it for anyway, so I think it's ok, right?

I might end up writing a patch later if I decided that I really needed the
API call though.

Mohammed Khoory

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>> Hi,
>> Is there any possible way to obtain the state of a task ID? i.e.
>> whether it's dormant, ready, executing, blocked, suspended, or deleted?
>With a debugger yes.
>> I do know there is a way to determine whether a task is suspended, and
>> that is by using rtems_task_is_suspended, but does that also include
>> tasks that are blocked?
>No, blocked is different from suspended. From inside RTEMS there is
>_States_Is_blocked, but this is not available from the application layer.
>may propose to add an rtems_task_is_blocked(), patches welcomed at rtems-
>devel mailing list.
>> Regards,
>> Mohammed Khoory
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