Raspberry Pi BSP debugging

Alan Cudmore alan.cudmore at gmail.com
Wed May 1 14:16:13 UTC 2013

I'm trying to track down a bug in the Raspberry Pi BSP. It will be much
easier once I get a JTAG device, but for now I have been able to narrow
down one specific instance where the BSP hangs.

The first symptom of this problem was with a shell example. If I type an
invalid shell command, I noticed it will hang or crash on the strncat

Next, I modified the simple hello world sample and found that it will also
hang with a strncat call. I copied the strncat function from the newlib
sources and found that the local copies ( optimized for size and speed )
work. The attached example shows the two local strncat calls followed by
the newlib call. It will always hang on the newlib call.

This example works on the arm920/gdb simulator and the sparc-sis simulator.

Some other notes;
- The memory map looks reasonable, comparing it to the arm920 map
- Many other newlib functions work such as strncpy, printf, etc
- Much of the other basic RTEMS seem to work as well. I can create a RAM
disk, format it , mount it, copy files, etc. I ran many of the tests such
as unlimited, ticker, etc.

If anyone has an idea I can try let me know. Otherwise I might just wait
until I can get a JTAG device hooked up.

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