Cheap avionics board

Mathew Benson mathew.benson at
Fri May 3 14:33:26 UTC 2013

Just thought I would mention my project.  I'm using a Raspberry Pi +
MultiWii as a cheap ($55) avionics board.  I expect to have a completed kit
for about $200.  Eventually, I plan on using RTEMS on the Raspberry Pi, but
I'm sticking with Linux for now.  The MultiWii board is basically an
Arduino with 3 axis accelerometer and gyro, 2 axis magnetometer, and a
barometric altimeter.  The MultiWii firmware lets you connect RC receiver
output to it, motor speed controller input to it, and it will fly fixed or
multicopter vehicles.  I'm reprogramming it to add GPS, relative altimeter,
long range / high throughput transceiver, and feed raw telemetry back to
and take commands from the Raspberry Pi.  I'm running Core Flight Executive
on the Raspberry Pi, and will have at least 2 cameras on the Raspberry Pi.
Lastly, I'm documenting click-by-click, keystroke-by-keystroke, how to
setup a development environment and do it all yourself.
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