mvme5500, PowerPC, VME, and end-of-life issues

Peter Dufault dufault at
Tue May 14 21:29:11 UTC 2013

Arrow recently notified my client using the MVME5500 that it is end-of-life with a last order coming up in June.  I told them to check if the situation is the same for the MVME6100.

Is there anyone else using PowerPC, VME, and RTEMS that has a similar issue and what are you thinking of?  My thinking is that since you can still get MVME167 boards without too much trouble my client should start a migration to a modern architecture, away from VME, to complete over the next few years.  If the MVME6100 isn't end-of-life then switch to that during the change-over, if not just stick with the MVME5500 during the change.

Or is there something special about the availability of old boards like the MVME167 that doesn't apply to the MVME5500?

Peter Dufault
HD Associates, Inc.      Software and System Engineering

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