Paranoia Test Failure on Personal Computers

SAeeD salpha.2004 at
Wed May 15 09:15:42 UTC 2013


I've executed paranoia test on 3 personal computers and on all of
them, I get the following result at the end:
"The number of  FAILUREs  encountered =       4.
The number of  SERIOUS DEFECTs  discovered = 5.
The number of  DEFECTs  discovered =         3.
The number of  FLAWs  discovered =           2.

The arithmetic diagnosed has unacceptable Serious Defects.
Potentially fatal FAILURE may have spoiled this program's subsequent diagnoses."

This is while the test runs perfectly on LPC3250 and here is the result:
"No failures, defects nor flaws have been discovered.
Rounding appears to conform to the proposed IEEE standard P754.
The arithmetic diagnosed appears to be Excellent!"

I wonder is there any consideration I'm missing for x86 platform!?
As far as I know, stack overflow, and floating point exception
handlers not being installed are possible reasons of failure. Am I
doing something wrong?


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