Receive task crash on Etherlink driver (elnk.c)

SAeeD salpha.2004 at
Mon May 27 19:45:23 UTC 2013


I'm using elnk driver for a 3COM 3C905C-TX device on PCI bus, and I'm
using rtems-4.10.2.
In my configuration, a Linux-based UDP client application is sending
UDP packets with rate of 8600 Packets Per Second (PPS). Each packet
has a number as payload, starting from 1.
On the server side, an RTEMS-based UDP server is receiving packets.
The problem is that after receiving about 500 packets (of 86000 total
packets), the RTEMS UDP server doesn't receive further packets. I'm
using default rbuf_count, xbuf_count, mbuf_bytes, and
I must mention several facts, I investigated through my experiments:

1. With lower send rates (like 4200 PPS or lower), the UDP server
works smoothly.

2. With the rate of 8600 PPS, the elnk_rxdaemon crashes after receving
about 500 packets. As it is not able to recevie further packets, but
is able to send packets which mean both elnk_interrupt_handler and
elnk_txdaemon work properly after the crash.

3. As I increased rbuf_count, the application crashed after receiving
more than 500 packets. So the crash threshold was improved.

4. As I printed the network card status, I found out that when sending
86000 packets with rate of 8600 PPS, there were about 60000

Now, does any body have similiar experience with this driver? As I
searched the mailing list, there were similiar problems with elnk, but
with transmit, not receive.
And if any same experience, what is the solution to jump out of this condition?

I also have one more question: what is your opinion for the reason of
the crash? Something like buffer overflow, maybe?

Thanks for your attention,

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