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Wed May 1 22:49:04 UTC 2013

It could be another task exiting. You mentioned loading code.

Psim is a specific simulated hardware environment and does not as configured match any board. If you got addresses from a piece of real hardware, the addresses will not match. What target board's manual are you reading?

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1) The Init task is already deleting itself after loading the other tasks. Do I have to do something else?

2) The memory for partitions came from the board data sheet. I based myself on the addresses mentioned there and followed upon. I was creating the first one starting at 0x10000 and incrementing from that according to each partition's size.

Can you help me set these 2 things up? I'm not really sure how to deal with that memory issue and the internal error as well.

On Wed, May 1, 2013 at 6:18 PM, Joel Sherrill <Joel.Sherrill at<mailto:Joel.Sherrill at>> wrote:

That address is invalid for psim. Where does the partition memory come from? Here I'd the memory keep for psim

"Binkowski, Cassio" <cassioiks at<mailto:cassioiks at>> wrote:

I'm also getting the following error when I uncomment the function that creates 10 partitions to be used by my application:

core_find_mapping() - access to unmaped address, attach a default map to handle this - addr=0x1000d2c nr_bytes=0x4 processor=0xa8e5000 cia=0x1028c

Can you please help?

On Wed, May 1, 2013 at 5:44 PM, Binkowski, Cassio <cassioiks at<mailto:cassioiks at>> wrote:
The file 'events.c' is inside /gdb-7.5.1/sim/ppc.

I am using psim-gdb testing my own application, it's not an RTEMS example.

I managed to break right on it, and it stops at:

Signature is the following:
the_source=the_source at entry=INTERNAL_ERROR_CORE, is_internal=is_internal at entry=true,
    the_error=the_error at entry=5)

I have no clue of what it can be. Do you have any idea?

On Wed, May 1, 2013 at 5:37 PM, Joel Sherrill <Joel.Sherrill at<mailto:Joel.Sherrill at>> wrote:

Where is the file events.c?

Break at the fault handler printing that.

Does this happen with any rtems provided examples?

Are you using the psim or psim-gdb script to run it?

"Binkowski, Cassio" <cassioiks at<mailto:cassioiks at>> wrote:

Hi everyone,

I was just testing my application using PSIM and it is returning the following lines, right after starting a Task:

rtems- (classic FPU)/psim) PANIC ERROR 5
events.c:404: assertion failed - events->time_from_event > 0

Has anybody experienced this before?


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