Google-Code In Status Report

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at
Tue Nov 26 20:30:51 UTC 2013


Today marks one week from the start of Google Code-In 2013.
I think I speak with all the mentors in saying we have some
really sharp students this year. They are tackling the coding
tasks that have been shied away from in previous years.
So far...

+ 47 tasks completed
+ 15 tasks completed to add C99 restrict keyword to RTEMS
  and newlib per C99 and POSIX 2013. Some of these had
  been done earlier by a high schooler.
+ Vipul Nayyar is generating tasks to correct BSP
  inconsistencies identified by his GSOC script into
+ Multiple students have done GSOC hello world and commented
+ Students are adding POSIX Timing Tests
+ Students are adding Doxygen to BSPs

I am thrilled and impressed. The mentors and students are
working very hard and doing great work.

We still could use help mentoring. Since there are more
coding tasks being done, we need more eyes. Please
consider volunteering. If you have written an RTEMS
application or BSP, you are more than qualified. :)

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