LEON3 Multiprocessor support

Sebastian Huber sebastian.huber at embedded-brains.de
Mon Nov 18 16:05:18 UTC 2013

Hello Leonard,

On 2013-11-18 16:37, Leonard Bise wrote:
> We are planning on working with a LEON3 processor soon (Aeroflex GR712) and I
> was investigating how the dual core aspect was handled in RTEMS.

the SMP support for RTEMS is work in progress.  For known limitations see also


> I found this page : http://www.rtems.org/wiki/index.php/SMP however it seems to
> be severely out of date while mentionning that SMP is now implemented for the
> The LEON3 BSP page does not give a lot of information either
> (http://www.rtems.org/wiki/index.php/Leon3)
> Is RTEMS entirely handling the multi processor aspect or do the user have to do
> anything?
> Where can I have more information about the multi processor aspect of RTEMS and
> how to handle it?

SMP support for the GR712 and NGMP is currently under active development.  Its 
not clear when it will show up in the RTEMS master repository (could be this 
year or early 2014).

Currently only a G-FP scheduler is implemented.  We plan to add support for 
partitioned and clustered scheduling.

RTEMS uses a Giant lock at the moment, so the operating system operations are 
completely serialized.

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