LEON3 with shared interrupt handlers

Miller, Scott A. scott.miller at swri.org
Wed Oct 9 19:24:01 UTC 2013

In our use with the GR712RC LEON3 processor and the Aeroflex-Gaisler provided SpaceWire driver, we've run across a roadblock.

The RTEMS driver SpaceWire interrupt triggers as part of the "extended" LEON3 interrupt set.  It initially triggers as interrupt 12, which then triggers RTEMS to read the "Extended Interrupt Register" to decode which interrupt (16..31) actually fired.

In addition to using the SpW driver, we'd also like to have our own interrupt handler for other "extended" interrupts for other peripherals with an extended interrupt from 16..31 (but also initially triggering off interrupt 12).

Is there a way in RTEMS to have multiple interrupt handlers called for the extended interrupt 12?  Both the included GRSPW driver and our own handler?

Thanks in advance.

Scott Miller
Southwest Research Institute

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