Can not list dir, MinGW compiler issue?

Rui Zhengxin ruizx at
Mon Sep 2 09:49:13 UTC 2013

On Wednesday, August 21, 2013 10:03 AM Chris Johns wrote:

> ruizx wrote:
>> Using MinGW compiler to compile BSP is very very slow and can throw some errors while using Centos compiler is fast and no error.
> In my experience with MinGW GCC tools the performance issue is not the
> compiler, it is the RTEMS build system and the use of the MSYS shell.
> This is not fast on Windows while shells run fast on Unix systems. With
> a build system that is native to Windows the compiler performance is ok.
> Chris

Hi all,
I have compiled the cross compilers both in Centos and MinGW,
this issue not occur:)
The configuration of the cross compilers are same.

If otherone also need this develop mode(BSP and APP isolate mode), 
you'd better need the same configurated cross compilers. 

Thanks & Best regards,
Rui Zhengxin

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