Changing the default start address

Mohammed Khoory mkhoory at
Tue Sep 17 00:54:31 UTC 2013


For certain hardware-related reasons, I need to change the starting address
of my RTEMS executable to something slightly different than what the BSP
specifies. For what I understood, this should be achievable by passing
-Ttext=<address> to the linker. After doing that, I can see that all the
relevant symbols (like start and others) have shifted to the new address if
I check with readelf. Unfortunately, when I try to run it, the executable
fails at a very early point due to an undefined trap. 

Is there anything else I should consider or change when changing the start
address of the executable? I tried searching the BSP headers for the old
address but I couldn't find anything useful.

I'm using the LEON3 BSP (sparc). The default start address is 0x40000000.

Mohammed Khoory

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