Source Builder failure on Ubuntu.

Chris Johns chrisj at
Mon Sep 2 02:24:54 UTC 2013

Rui Zhengxin wrote:
> This rtems source tar ball URL is not exist.

Correct. We have not released RTEMS 4.11.

> But why the git pull command returns fail too?

I suspect the arguments to it are wrong or confused because of a bug.

The bug does not handle nested "if's" cleanly and I added an outer 'if' 
to support '--without-rtems' and that exposed the bug. I have a patch I 
am testing at the moment however it takes a while to run a test to build 
all tools.

> I don't need the rtems kernel building, so I avoid this issue:)

Great. Building with RTEMS is the default for releases where you will 
want the version of RTEMS and a tarball will exist. Maybe it should be 
off for development versions.


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