Intel Edison Round #2

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at
Wed Dec 10 22:23:20 UTC 2014


Jeff and I have hacked on the Edison and have it starting to
boot with printk() and bsp_reset() working. I added a bunch of
printk's to trace the progress. It is the end of the day and we are
stuck at the create of the first Classic API task in hello world failing
to allocate the FP area.

I am assuming some memory layout issue but I just don't
see it. This board has 1GB RAM per Intel and U-Boot.
It loads our normal pc386 ELF at the right address and runs.

I am throwing this out to the community to see if anyone
has an idea on what to poke at tomorrow. We are tired at
the end of the day.

    boot > bootelf 0x1000000

    ## Starting application at 0x0010000c ...

    0234rtemsWorkAreaStart=130F40 MemSize=0x08x/0



    work_area_start = 0x130F40

    work_area_size = 1072492736 0x3FECF0C0

    end = 0x40000000

    current stack pointer = 0x130F18

    heap_start = 0x134D0A

    heap_size = 1072476918

    allocated thread fp area 133CB8

    initialize device drivers


    Checking on /dev/main


    Register /dev/main

    Register /dev/main as console

    Console initialize complete

    run post driver extensions

    Invoke api extension 10F540

    Init tasks => 12C3E8 1

    allocated thread 13255C

    allocated thread fp area 0

    Thread Initialize failed

    task create returned 13


    EXECUTIVE SHUTDOWN! Any key to reboot...


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