CAN Support for RTEMS

Pavel Pisa ppisa4lists at
Wed Feb 12 11:11:08 UTC 2014

Hello Joel and all others,

I have been on mountain trip last week and I am very busy
with CTU Embedded World demo preparation now, so sorry for

RTEMS provides basic/raw CAN driver for MPC5200.
We have tested it and compared with Linux SocketCAN
stack on same hardware and RTEMS latencies and throughput
are good for these test which are supported by RTEMS
and simple test bed

As for generic RTEMS CAN framework, there has not been done
final decision yet. If you want to support one target then
writting target specific driver is not a big problem.

LinCAN SJA1000 (used on Linux and systemless) and LPC17xx
(used in our system-less projects) code can be used as
driver base for RTEMS and it is my long term plan to port
there whole LinCAN infrastructure.

Using some CANfestival's embedded/system-less/FreeRTOS drivers
under RTEMS should not be so difficult as well.

It would be great if the "select"/"poll" system calls
allows to include character devices in the FD_SET.
I think that Sebastian Huber's last changes are directing
this way.

As for CANopen, I know about CANfestival
which is optimal for devices implementation with fixed dictionary.

Our OrtCAN project provides
more generic infrastructure which is quite powerfull for CANopen
nodes and management testing/simulation but it waits for 
time/cooperation/funding to finish some features.

The test environment for CAN development has advanced during
last GSOC period. More in the email thread pointed by Gedare

We have new LPC1788 board designed at PiKRON for motion control
and other applications now and we plan to test it with RTEMS
and CAN in some longer time frame (or shorter if we have concrete
application/request its use with RTEMS).

There is some chance that I can find students interrested in
RTEMS CAN topics as semester works at the university. Or if
we have some funding or gain GSoC we can have some student
for summer holiday work on this.

Best wishes,

                Pavel Pisa
    e-mail:     pisa at

On Wednesday 05 of February 2014 22:28:59 Joel Sherrill wrote:
> Hi
> I am asking for some education here.  What's the state of the world
> for CAN and RTEMS. There was Lincan ported to RTEMS.  What's the
> status?
> How does this related to CanOpen and OpenCan?
> Too many terms which all look alike.

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