RTEMS available tasks

Andre Marques andre.lousa.marques at gmail.com
Sun Jan 26 00:31:53 UTC 2014


I'm a CS undergraduate student and i've decided to do something RTEMS 
related for my final project.

I already have a RTEMS build (4.11) working on my Gentoo system and 
played a bit with the EDF and RM schedulers (just launching some tasks 
and counting the deadline misses).

As of right now i'm between semesters, and looking to fill this gap with 
some coding fun. In [1] there is a task for making the implementation of 
rename() POSIX conformant. If this task is still open I would like to 
start working on it.

I also went through the Google Code-In open tasks and found this bug 
[2][3], which I could also work on, but if there's anything more 
interesting (possibly some small task related with scheduling) please 
let me know.

[1] - 
[2] - 
[3] - https://www.rtems.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=1279

Thanks for your time,
Andre Marques.

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