AW: qemu with two ne2k_isa devices

Ahlendorf, Falk Falk.Ahlendorf at
Wed Jul 9 10:04:22 UTC 2014

Hi Denis,
> -device ne2k_isa,irq=11,iobase=0x301,mac=10:10:10:10:01:01,vlan=1 -net
> -device ne2k_isa,irq=12,iobase=0x302,mac=10:10:10:10:01:02,vlan=2 -net

you have put the two ne2k cards to close together, they use more than one IO port
for the data exchange, and in your configuration the IO-ports do overlap, which can't 

If I'm not mistaken one card needed at least 0x10 IO-ports so I would configure the cards
as 0x300 and 0x350, just in case.



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