Steven Grunza steven.grunza at
Wed Jun 18 18:16:10 UTC 2014

Does anyone have an STM32F4Discovery board and the ability/desire to test a
HELLO.ELF file I built?  I have a USB-to-TTL serial cable connected to the
PA9 and PA10 pins but I'm not getting any output.  I have so many unknowns
in this setup that it's hard to debug.

I have a breakpoint set in Init() which I hit and a breakpoint in
output_char() which doesn't hit.  Some of the console output is below:

Hardware assisted breakpoint 1 at 0x388: file test.c, line 16.
Hardware assisted breakpoint 2 at 0xe94: file
g.c, line 100.
(gdb) continue

Temporary breakpoint 1, Init (ignored=0x20001aa0) at test.c:16
(gdb) continue

{After a minute or so I hit ctrl-c}

Program received signal SIGINT, Interrupt.
0x000050a2 in _Internal_error_Occurred
(the_source=the_source at entry=RTEMS_FATAL_SOURCE_EXIT,
is_internal=is_internal at entry=0x0,
    the_error=0x0) at

Any help with this would be appreciated.  One bit of help would be someone
running my hello.elf file to see if it was built wrong.

The BSP mentions that was used to debug on
Linux.  I'm trying to use openOCD 0.7.0 on Fedora 20.
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