gettimeofday() and RTEMS

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Thu Jun 5 12:58:18 UTC 2014


Are you using RTC driver?
Are you setting the corrent date-time at startup?
Which BSP are we talking about?


2014-06-05 9:36 GMT-03:00 smc smc <smc101979 at>:

> Hello, I am not sure if this question must be sent here, but I am using
> the gettimeofday() C function with RTEMS. The appl. running on my laptop
> works fine. However, it returns negative values when it is run under RTEMS.
> In fact, the usec argument for the second gettimneofday() call returns a
> lower value than the first call to gettimeofday().
> Do you have any idea about what it is happening. Is it just concerned to
> the used machine and not RTEMS?
> Thanks.
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