potential GSOC project: Improve the Raspberry Pi BSP

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at OARcorp.com
Thu Mar 13 15:26:07 UTC 2014

On 3/13/2014 6:23 AM, Alan Cudmore wrote:
> ( I posted this to the rtems-devel list by mistake, my apologies for
> the duplicate message )
> f there are still potential GSOC students out there looking for a
> project, I would like to offer a potential project to work on:
> Improving the Raspberry Pi BSP. I would be happy to mentor a student
> for this project. Below is my description for the task. 
> Thanks,
> Alan
> One of the RTEMS Open Projects is to contribute a BSP or Board Support
> Package for readily available boards. The Raspberry Pi is probably the
> most available board at $25 and $35 USD, and there have been over two
> million of these boards sold. The RTEMS head (4.11) currently has a
> basic BSP for the Raspberry Pi, supporting the CPU, a single UART, and
> timer. It is enough to run some basic RTEMS programs, but expanding
> the BSP to support peripherals will make it much more useful. 
> For this project, the GSOC student could improve the peripheral
> support for the Raspberry Pi BSP.
> The peripherals we need to support (in order of increasing difficulty)
> include:
> 1. GPIO (This has been done by one user, but is not integrated) 
> 2. I2C Bus
> 3. SPI Bus 
> 4. Secure Digital card read and write support (using the SPI bus)
> 5. Graphics / RTEMS Framebuffer Support (I have a graphics demo
> working in an RTEMS task)
> 6. USB Device support  
> 7. HDMI/Graphics console (Requires framebuffer support and USB or GPIO
> connected keyboard device)
> 8. Ethernet network support (Requires USB support)
> The entire list is probably too much for a single student to
> accomplish, so we can adjust the list of work according to what is
> possible.
> It may also be a good idea to add support for both models of the
> Raspberry Pi (256MB and 512MB) and be able to configure the memory map
> in the BSP to match the boot time split between the CPU and GPU memory. 
> Finally, in order to do some of this coding, it may be necessary to
> come up with a more efficient way to load and debug code on the
> Raspberry Pi. Options include using U-boot or connecting a JTAG debug
> device to load code.

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