Students Wanted for ESA Summer of Code In Space

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at
Tue May 6 22:11:09 UTC 2014


RTEMS is fortunate enough to be included once again in the ESA
Summer of Code in Space. We want students! :)

This year we want to encourage the SOCIS students to focus on
 improvements to our new rtems-test Python framework. This
will include:

+ adding more BSPs (simulators and real boards) to rtems-test
+ building more simulators with the RTEMS Source
   - if successful, sim-scripts should be obsolete
+ integrating coverage runs into rtems-test
+ improvements to the coverage test reporting
   - reporting should be on "module" level. Too coarse now.
   - some scripts could be migrated to Python

Although this sounds like very specific and focused work, it is
actually a lot of work and covers a lot of area.  Interestingly,
a lot of this work is in Python so should be approachable by
more students.

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