Buliding Error

Kempf, Fabian Ernst-Wilhelm uadoi at student.kit.edu
Sun May 18 20:34:50 UTC 2014

I have an error during building rtems.
Can someone give me a quick solution how I can fix it.

The terminal prints:

config: tools/rtems-gdb-7.7-1.cfg
package: sparc-rtems4.11-gdb-7.7-1
building: sparc-rtems4.11-gdb-7.7-1
error: building sparc-rtems4.11-gdb-7.7-1
  See error report: rsb-report-sparc-rtems4.11-gdb-7.7-1.txt
Build Set: Time 1:30:18.831806

The log files are attached.

Best regards

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