Error in running test: "error: no executbles supplied"

Chris Johns chrisj at
Sun May 11 22:45:18 UTC 2014

On 12/05/2014 8:26 am, amit mehta wrote:
> The error was coming from rtems-tools/tester/rt/
> <snip>
> executables = find_executables(opts.params(), exe_filter)
>          if len(executables) == 0:
>              raise error.general('no executbles supplied')
> <snip>
> where "exe_filter" by default is set to '*.exe', so it's not necessary
> to provide any executables on the command line.

Correct. You can filter in a couple of ways. One way is to provide a 
path to the level in the testsuite tree you wish to limit the testing 
to, for example the samples or sptests, or you use the new filter 
command Ben added to the tester where you can wild card select a group 
of tests. This lets you rerun a specific family of tests you are working 
on. I am yet to use this new feature.

However the problem,
> was that after issuing ./configure from the "sis" directory as:
> ./rtems-test --log=log_sis_run --rtems-bsp=sis-run --rtems-tools=$HOME/
> development/rtems/4.11 --enable-tests --enable-rtemsbsp=sis
> I didn't issued 'make', and hence the target executables did not get compiled.
> after issuing 'make' the tests proceeds :)
> bash-4.1$ ./rtems-test --log=log_sis_run --rtems-bsp=sis-run
> --rtems-tools=$HOME/development/rtems/4.11
> $HOME/development/rtems/kernel/sis
> RTEMS Testing - Tester, v0.2.0
> [  1/494] p:0   f:0   t:0   i:0   | sparc/sis: fsbdpart01.exe
> [  2/494] p:1   f:0   t:0   i:0   | sparc/sis: fsdosfsformat01.exe
> [  3/494] p:2   f:0   t:0   i:0   | sparc/sis: fsdosfsname01.exe
> Not sure, but maybe this information should also be put in the
> "rtems-tester.txt" file.

Making these things as clear as possible always helps. I would welcome a 
patch. :)


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