rtems source builder on flexible hardware (FPGA)

Hoefle Marco Marco.Hoefle at nanotronic.ch
Fri Oct 17 15:19:57 UTC 2014

We let an external company develop an rtems bsp for a FPGA based hardware.
The CPU is a powerpc embedded in a Virtex-4 FPGA and thus address map, interrupts etc can vary.

At that time the bsp engineering company told us to configure RTEMS this way:
set -x
cd .
rm -rf b-${BSP}
mkdir b-${BSP}
cd b-${BSP}
../rtems/configure --target=${CPU}-rtems4.11 --enable-rtemsbsp=${BSP} \
	  --prefix=/mnt/extended/ppc_rtems/bsp-install \
	  --disable-cxx --enable-posix --disable-networking --disable-tests \
	  'RTEMS_XPARAMETERS_H="/path to/xparameters.h"' \
  	  VIRTEX_FAST_RAM_ORIGIN=0xfffe0000 \
  	  VIRTEX_FAST_RAM_LENGTH=0x0001ffec \
  	  VIRTEX_RAM_ORIGIN=0x00000000 \
  	  VIRTEX_RAM_LENGTH=0x00200000 \
	  VIRTEX_RESET_ORIGIN=0xffffffec >../configure_${CPU}_${BSP}_rtems.log 2>&1

Is there a way to tell the rsb to configure the kernel with these parameters?

Also I have seen that there are two bsps in the mainline rtems repo:

virtex and virtex4.
Our platform is virtex4 but we used the virtex bsp at that time.
So the name virtex is confusing as not all virtex devices contain a powerpc.

The goal here is to unify our rtems build flow to the other - sparc leon3 based -  project.

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