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When I have time I will try it.

More on-topic for the MPC5554 and why that code is irrelevant anyway: That snippet was derived from hacking a Freescale sample application as a prototype.  The code is building up a bit-mask for channel interrupts that spans more than one register, plus the channel indices are not consecutive with a gap at 32 through 63 (maybe for eTPUC on another member of the family or something, I don't know).

The chip has a second interface as well: there are per-channel registers that collect such control bits (interrupts, DMA, etc) and you enable the facility by setting a bit in the per-channel register.  Those per-channel control registers are indexed by the channel numbers 0 through 31 (eTPUA) and 64 through 95 (eTPUB) without any machinations.  I think the "bulk" registers used by the snippet are more for disabling everything at once.

The MPC55xx is well thought out in my opinion.  Complicated, but well thought out.
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