rtems source builder on flexible hardware (FPGA)

Chris Johns chrisj at rtems.org
Tue Oct 21 23:35:10 UTC 2014

On 21/10/2014 4:59 am, Hoefle Marco wrote:
> Hello Chris,
> thank you for the patch. I tried it and I got this:
> RTEMS Tools Project - Source Builder Error Report
>   Build: error: building powerpc-rtems4.11-kernel-4.11-1
>   Command Line: ../source-builder/sb-set-builder
> --log=/home/NANOTRONIC/hoefle/projects/customers/unibern/ngms/toolchain_
> test/toolchain/4.11-powerpc.log
> --prefix=/home/NANOTRONIC/hoefle/projects/customers/unibern/ngms/toolcha
> in_test/toolchain --no-clean 4.11/rtems-powerpc-ngms.bset
> --with-rtems-bspopts=
> 'RTEMS_XPARAMETERS_H=/home/NANOTRONIC/hoefle/projects/customers/unibern/
> ngms/toolchain_test/xparameters.h'
> VIRTEX_RAM_ORIGIN=0x00000000
> VIRTEX_RAM_LENGTH=0x00200000

I am not sure I understand what you entered. Are all the options in the 
quotes ? It appears some are not.

> .
> .
> .
> config.status: creating Makefile
> +
> RTEMS_XPARAMETERS_H=/home/NANOTRONIC/hoefle/projects/customers/unibern/n
> gms/toolchain_test/xparameters.h
> /home/NANOTRONIC/hoefle/projects/customers/unibern/ngms/toolchain_test/r
> tems-source-builder/rtems/build/powerpc-rtems4.11-kernel-4.11-1/doit:
> 116:
> /home/NANOTRONIC/hoefle/projects/customers/unibern/ngms/toolchain_test/r
> tems-source-builder/rtems/build/powerpc-rtems4.11-kernel-4.11-1/doit:
> RTEMS_XPARAMETERS_H=/home/NANOTRONIC/hoefle/projects/customers/unibern/n
> gms/toolchain_test/xparameters.h: not found
> shell cmd failed: /bin/sh -ex
> /home/NANOTRONIC/hoefle/projects/customers/unibern/ngms/toolchain_test/r
> tems-source-builder/rtems/build/powerpc-rtems4.11-kernel-4.11-1/doit
> error: building powerpc-rtems4.11-kernel-4.11-1
> I found a workaround to get the toolchain and the rtems kernel for our
> Virtex-4 BSP using environment variables:
> cd rtems-source-builder/rtems
> export
> 'RTEMS_XPARAMETERS_H="/home/NANOTRONIC/hoefle/projects/customers/unibern
> /ngms/toolchain_test/xparameters.h"'
> export VIRTEX_FAST_RAM_ORIGIN=0xfffe0000
> export VIRTEX_FAST_RAM_LENGTH=0x0001ffec
> export VIRTEX_RAM_ORIGIN=0x00000000
> export VIRTEX_RAM_LENGTH=0x00200000
> export VIRTEX_RESET_ORIGIN=0xffffffec
> ../source-builder/sb-set-builder --log=$TOOLCHAIN_DIR/4.11-powerpc.log
> --prefix=$TOOLCHAIN_DIR --no-clean 4.11/rtems-powerpc-ngms.bset
> This seems to work fine. I could build a simple RTEMS Test App and it
> seems to run.
> I am not sure if the current bsp approach is the best approach as parts
> of the bsp information is given directly using the environment variables
> and other parts are in the xparameters.h file.

I agree it is not the best approach. Anything referencing environment 
variables is a problem and I suspect it is too late for 4.11 and this 
build system to fix.

> The xparameters.h file contains all information but I would even prefer
> not using it at all as it is Xilinx specific and the syntax could change
> for example if different versions of the Xilinx tools are used.

I agree these exported files from Xilinx tools are difficult to work 
with and integrate. The Zynq also suffers from this sort of thing. If we 
can avoid needing to reference files like these the better off we are. 
If we need to reference them for what ever reason I would prefer to see 
the configure stage import the file(s) via an option, ie no references 
to paths outside the RTEMS source or build tree.


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