Jiri Gaisler jiri at gaisler.se
Sat Sep 27 19:43:35 UTC 2014

You can run the regular leon3 bsp on qemu if you apply these two
patches on qemu git head:


Configure qemu with --target-list=sparc-softmmu --enable-debug, and
execute the RTEMS binaries with:

qemu-system-sparc -no-reboot -nographic -M leon3_generic -m 64M -kernel ticker.exe

Note, there is no support for MMU, SMP or networking in the leon3 port of qemu.


PS. Somebody with write access might want to add this to the RTEMS wiki ...

On 09/26/2014 09:54 PM, Karel Gardas wrote:
> Folks,
> I've seen this thread: RTEMS simulation of LEON3 over QEMU -- here http://lists.rtems.org/pipermail/users/2014-February/027560.html and I'm curious if anybody here already has given a try to LEON3/RTEMS on Qemu.
> Particularly I would appreciate just a note if LEON3/Qemu required patches are already merged into Qemu head or not.. The patches are mentioned here by Sebastian: http://lists.rtems.org/pipermail/users/2014-February/027561.html
> Also Sebastian mentions special LEON3 Qemu BSP is needed in his email here: http://lists.rtems.org/pipermail/users/2014-February/027562.html
> The link is no longer valid but perhaps originally pointed here:
> http://lists.rtems.org/pipermail/devel/2014-February/005283.html -- [PATCH] bsp/leon3_qemu: New BSP variant
> At the end of the thread it looks like BSP originally submitted and committed is reverted and the project hangs kind of in the air waiting for Qemu to merge some patches but also mentioning that Qemu development process is not well managed and that it takes a lot of effort to
> push even simplest patches in.
> So is real closure of all this that RTEMS/LEON3 is not runable on Qemu HEAD? If so, then I'm happy to patch Qemu with required patches but I'm kind of confused by a state of RTEMS on Leon3: may I use or rather not Sebastian's LEON_QEMU BSP? Is it uptodate or already sources
> diverted a lot so it's not applicable anymore? Or shall I use some el-cheapo FPGA board supporting LEON3 and use that for running RTEMS? What's current recommended way for RTEMS/LEON3 development?
> Thanks!
> Karel
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