libbsd - USB Host Stack for HID, WirelessLAN.

Thomas Kim at
Fri Aug 21 11:25:17 UTC 2015

Dear Sir,

Thank you for contributing libbsd for FreeBSD Network and USB Host stack.

I am testing libbsd in my RTEMS building environment.

As I check in libbsd source building environment, USB mass storage was
I want to test USB HID(mouse & keyboard) and USB wireless dongle.

1. USB HID class

As I check, there is usbhid.c source in building enviroment. but, there is
not testsuite example code for testing USB HID.
Is there any internal work for USB HID ?

2. USB Wireless LAN class

I think that there is not any code about USB class driver for USB Wireless
Dongle in libbsd tree.

Is there any work for this ?
If there is not any action for this, I want to add USB wireless LAN class
driver in libbsd.
Is there any guide for porting FreeBSD original code to libbsd tree ?

Best Regards,
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