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Ivan Matic matke2002 at
Tue Dec 1 13:47:34 UTC 2015

I'm absolute beginner in RTEMS, so I have few basic questions.First thing, I'm thinking in Linux terminology, and by reading documentation, I saw that there are many similarities, but also many differences what I can't understand.
So far, I made VirtualBox image with grub bootloader, FAT32 file system, and put there Hello world, paranoia, Ticker, File I/O... examples, and some my custom applications.
My questions are:1) Can RTEMS be separated in more than one file (ex. rtems.exe my_app1.exe my_app2.exe)
2) How can I write in FAT file system, to avoid in-memory FS (I saw in example that there is mounting option of: /dev/hda1 hda2..., tried mine /dev/sda1 but everything failed)
3) How can I see what devices exists (So far I tried simple serial port communication, from this example but i got error on: if(write(fd, "ATZ\r", 4) < 0) printf("write() of 4 bytes failed!\n");  )

I hope that someone know answers :)
Cheers, Ivan
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